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Stromectol is a safe drug based on Ivermectin with minimal side effects, low toxicity and excellent treatment results. Anthelmintic compounds avermectin and ivermectin, which proved vital to the control of certain parasitic infections in humans and other animals. For his discoveries, Campbell was awarded the 2015 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine shared with Japanese microbiologist Ōmura Satoshi and Chinese scientist Tu Youyou.

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Stromectol (Ivermectin)

Tablet Strength: Stromectol: 3mg, 6mg, 12mg
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It is believed that antiviral drugs are no longer effective after 4-5 days of infection. Does this apply to the treatment of Covid with Stromectol or Ivermectin? FLCCC and all the other clinicians are stressing that early treatment will determine whether the patient stays away from the hospital or not. Early means 1st 5 days from the onset of symptom (for Delta, 1st 3 is ideal). So Stromectol will help. Then colchicine, vit C, zinc, etc. ( FLCCC iMask protocol). That's called early treatment. Plenty of studies show that ivermectin is effective for both prophylaxis and early treatment.

Stromectol (Ivermectin) dosing

Stromectol: 3mg, 6mg, 12mg. Stromectol is taken orally as a pill, and the amount given depends on what type of parasites are being treated and how much the person weighs. The typical dose for those over 60 kg is 3mg once. It should be taken with food to avoid stomach problems. The drug should be taken as described by the doctor. With Stromectol, and all oral drugs, the pill should not be broken, split, chewed, dissolved or crushed before swallowing. Taking the pill whole will allow it to be digested normally, distributing the medication evenly as intended. For the treatment of Covid, it is recommended to take Stromectol daily for 5-7 days, more about Stromectol dosage read this. If you miss a dose it should be taken as soon as remembered, unless it is near the time when your next dose should be taken. If this is the case, skip that dose and continue as normal until you are out of the medication. With many uses for this effective drug, it has helped many people overcome these types of infestations. While it is ideal to prevent getting worms by cooking food all the way through and practicing safe eating and drinking habits, that is not always possible. While there are fairly limited side effects, it is best to get a confirmed diagnosis before taking it.

Why human Stromectol is better than Ivermectin for animals

For anyone who wants to take Ivermectin: first ask your doctor, tell them about the IMASK protocol for prohylaxis. If they say no, here's some important info about the veterinary kinds: The pure liquid form of veterinary iv is very concentrated and is harder to dose. You must be careful about not spilling it on your skin. Ivermectin for dogs has extra active ingredients to help dogs absorb it safely, stuff you don't want to ingest, so that is not a viable option. The horse paste, on the other hand, is dosed at the same recommended prescription for humans (0.2 mg/kg), has only iv as it's one active ingredient, has a long history of people using it (even pre-covid) and it is very easy to measure your dose. The tube of paste has a measuring mechanism that you twist lock into place on whatever your weight is. This is a more convenient option, but it should be borne in mind that this is a medicine for animals, which may contain impurities and other components that are not suitable for humans. The safest and most reliable option is Stromectol designed for humans and tested in many clinical trials.

Parasite cleanse diet while medication treatment

You may not be aware but the fact tends to remain unchanged that due to the presence of parasites in the body, you can suffer from problems like gas, skin reddening, bloating, grinding the teeth at night, low energy levels in the morning, bad breath, mood swings and other such small issues. Don’t ignore these things as these parasites can cause deadly diseases like cancer as well. Parasite cleanse diet is one of the best ways by which you can get rid of the parasites that are surviving in your body. Let’s start with water. Drink a lot of water so that the parasites in the intestinal tract and colon can be cleansed. If you drink water in excess quantity then the parasites will be cleansed through the urinary tract. You should avoid consumption of raw or uncooked food. Many believe that raw and uncooked food is healthy but one needs to understand that in this case, the parasite from the food will be passed on to the body. If you want to have raw food then it is recommended that you place the uncooked food in hot water for at least 4-6 minutes so that the parasites are killed before you consume it. These methods will help you avoid getting a parasitic infection. If you have already received such a diagnosis, then the listed tips will contribute to a more effective and faster cure while taking Stromethol. This information does not guarantee that the drug is safe, effective, or approved for the treatment of any disease or specific patient. Here are only brief general information about this drug, it is highly not recommended to use the medicine with alcohol.

Stromectol (Ivermectin) rewievs

Guest «I was given Stromectol with Doxycycline and never developed anything severe! Had a fever for about an hour, a mild cough, and just wanted to sleep. I have asthma, and it didn't mess with my asthma, but I also use Symbicort daily which controls my asthma to where I rarely use my rescue inhaler, so it's well controlled. I have to also say this for whatever it's worth. My wife tested positive the next day and wasn't given the same prescription, and she had a few days when her chest was hurting. We're both fine now, thank God»! Jeremy Syms «I took Stromectol as prescribed by my doctor. I started to use it as soon as I could after my husband got his positive result. I took care of him while I was taking the medication and I stayed negative. I had a headache and nausea for a couple of days, but I thought it was from Corona. I still wonder if this medication was the reason for staying in good health, or it was something else. My colleague tested positive, in-home quarantine he used Stromectol, vitamin C, D, Zinc, on day 3 fever disappeared, on day 4 rapid test was negative. Quick recovery, without a hospital visit. Who has eyes - read and be informed. Even if you don't find the human variant you can use ivermectin for animals, the condition is that there are no other active substances in the tablets». Charlie Dawids «Do we need more studies? We already have a valid study. It ran for the last year and involved the whole world population - and we were all the members of the control group who got nothing – not even a placebo. Neurological problems also negatively affect health. It is now a scientifically proven fact that if you don’t do anything to prevent infection or treat early symptoms, hundreds of thousands of people die. We got that part of the study down pretty well. It is unethical to have a study where denying medicine to the control group may (will) cause harm or death. Anywhere, Stromectol has been adopted in large populations has been shown to decrease the death rate dramatically in absolute correlation with the timing of its widespread use. (And, apparently, the dosage they are using seems to work). That infromation - alone should be enough to not only unlock the restrictions to Stromectol use but to promote its wide and immediate distribution».